About Amerimed

Initially founded by Dixon Marlow in March 2008, Amerimed organizations are premier providers of mobile clinical integrated healthcare Services in the Southeastern United States. Amerimed provides:

Ø Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine Solutions

Ø Advanced Practice Provider House-Call Services

Ø Critical Care (ICU) Transport Ambulance Services

Ø Advanced (Paramedic) Life Support Transport Ambulance Services

Ø Basic (EMT) Life Support Transport Ambulance Services

Ø Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Transport Ambulance Services

Ø Emergency 911 Backup Ambulance Services

Ø Event Standby Ambulance Services

Ø Billing Services

Ø System Analysis, Review, Enhancement, and Deployment Modeling Consultation

Ø Organizers and Founders of the National Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers


Our Mission and Principles

Our mission is to provide compassionate, professional quality and responsive mobile integrated healthcare services to positively impact our customers.

Special Emphasis: While we pride ourselves on providing traditional high-quality ALS ambulance services, we also have pioneered specialized mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine solutions in a variety of communities throughout the southeast. Our central emphasis on patient wellness, behavioral health, out-comes and evidence based mobile healthcare services provides a strong basis upon which we build all our mobile integrated healthcare deployment models.


We strive to serve our mission on a daily basis through our core principles of:

Service – we value the opportunity to serve

Compassion – we care for our patients and their loved ones with respect

Excellence – we strive for an unmatched level of customer service with dignity

Integrity – we maintain honest, fair, consistent and ethical business practices

Stewardship – we utilize the resources provided to us well

Teamwork – we strive to maintain strong/productive associate/customer relationships

Executive Leadership

Arthur D. Marlow, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Amerimed Medical Solutions, LLC
President & CEO, Amerimed Emergency Medical Services, LLC
President, Home Physician Care, LLC

Reginald P. James, III, NREMT-P (ret.)

CEO, Home Physician care, LLC
President, Amerimed Medical Solutions, LLC
Executive Vice President, Amerimed Emergency Medical Services, LLC

John Hull

Chief Marketing Officer

Nathan Bonick

Chief Financial Officer

Operational and Support Leadership

Skip Heflin

Operations Manager – Georgia

Joe Chiarella

Operations Manager – Tennessee


Steve Fitts

Operations Manager – South Carolina

Charles Coffelt

Operations Manager – Indiana

Tara Massarelli

Operations Manager – Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Sally Round

Clinical Manager, Mobile Integrated Healthcare

David Kimbrell

Support Services Manager

Scott Keefer

Corporate Information & Technology Manager

Jeannie Newton-Riner

Associate Resources & Compliance Coordinator


Donny Parsons