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1.22.01 Unusual Occurrence Report


Implemented 03/2024


Proper business practice requires creating a written record of any fact or occurrence which is relevant to the operation of the company.  This includes documenting patient care, vehicle maintenance, communications, training attendance, license renewals, and many other things that happen every day.  It also requires documenting events that happen infrequently and which must be kept separate and apart from other reports and documents.


What constitutes an Unusual Occurrence

Unusual occurrences include any event involving accidental damage to property or equipment, incidents involving patients which fall outside of patient care (for example patients involved in accidents, patients who assault our staff), conflicts with other employees (for example instance of inappropriate verbal or physical behavior), or conflicts with facility personnel (such as disputes over patient acceptance or paperwork).


Documenting the Unusual Occurrence

Any Unusual Occurrence should be documented separate and apart from a Patient Care Report or other business record.    There are specific formats for some reports, including but not limited to the “First Notice of Injury Report” for workers’ compensation claims; if there is a specific report that is required for documentation, that report should always be used and the Unusual Occurrence for does not need to be filled out in addition to that form unless there are additional issues that need to be addressed which are outside the purpose of that form.  For example, all healthcare information related to our care of a patient shall be put in the electronic Patient Care Report, however if the patient or vehicle had an incident during a transport, that information should be recorded on the Unusual Occurrence Report in the Traumasoft or current e-PCR platform.