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3.08.01 Hospice Transport Requests

3.08.01 Hospice Transport Requests (Revised 10/2022)


Amerimed will provide transport of patients to hospice facilities. We should only do transports FROM hospice facilities that we have a contract with, or if the billing department has arranged for payment. It is imperative for the crew that is transporting the patient and the communications center staff to determine which hospice agency is responsible for the bill (it may not be the actual hospice facility that you transport to).


Field units transporting hospice patients should be aware of patient’s “code” status prior to leaving originating facility.

If patient has Do Not Resuscitate (“DNR”) orders from a physician, these forms must accompany the patient. Otherwise, the patient should be considered a “full code” patient.

If patient expires during transport, the receiving hospice facility should be notified. The transport destination may change at the discretion of the receiving facility.

In the event of any question regarding treatment/no-treatment of a hospice patient, medical control should be contacted.