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1.20.02 Time Off

1.20.2 Time Off  (Revised 10/2020)


Amerimed recognizes there will be times employees need time off outside of the PTO program. Therefore, we have established additional time off programs for full-time employees.


Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

Full time associates are allowed up to eight (8) approved leaves without pay per calendar year. Management reserves the right to extend LWOP privileges if extenuating circumstances occur (i.e. health issues). All requests for LWOP must be submitted in writing on the proper form or electronically to his/her immediate supervisor by the fifteenth (15th) day of the preceding month. Every attempt will be made to approve requests and will be completed on a “first-come, first-served” basis.


Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

All fulltime associates are eligible for medical leave under the federal Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Associates may use any accrued, both vacation and sick, PTO during this time. Only what is in the PTO bank at that time may be applied and once it is at a zero balance, any additional time off will not be eligible for benefits. The PTO accrual process will begin again once the associate has returned to work on a fulltime basis. 

Please refer to 1.6.1 Family Medical Leave for complete details.


Educational Leave

Amerimed commits to help associates in self-improvement and will coordinate with students as much as is reasonable. An associate should notify his/her immediate supervisor of special scheduling needs. Please see 1.19.2 Scheduling for additional information.


Judicial Leave

In accordance to State Law, employees are to attend judicial proceedings in response to a subpoena, summons for jury duty, or other court order. 

This requirement does NOT apply to employees who have been charged with a crime. 

An employee’s total compensation cannot be penalized for time away from work to serve on jury duty. However, it is not required that the employee receive extra financial reward for serving on jury duty; therefore, we are authorized to offset employees’ salaries/wages by the amount of funds the employee receives for jury service so that the combined amounts equal their gross salary or wages. 

All employees must comply with our policies regarding advance notification to attend any judicial proceedings.


Military Leave

Employees who perform military service or training (not to exceed six months within any four-year period) be allowed to  return to the same or a similar position. To qualify, employees must:

• Receive a certificate of completion of military service;
• Remain able to perform the duties of the position;
• Apply for reemployment within 90 days after being relieved from service.

Employees who qualify must:

• Be restored without loss of seniority;
• Be allowed to participate in insurance or other benefits consistent with the employer’s ordinary rules for leave of absence; and
• Not be discharged from the position without cause for one year after they are restored.

The federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reeducation Rights Act (USERRA) has similar, more detailed requirements. Since the federal law offers greater protections, we also follow its provisions and regulations located here: USERRA.



In most states, associates may be allowed up to two hours off to vote in any election for which they are registered and qualified. This law does not apply if the employee begins work more than two hours after the polls open or leaves work more than two hours before the polls close. 

Employers may specify the hours when an employee can be absent. Therefore, if you are scheduled for a shift that begins and ends outside of poll hours, on applicable voting days, we may appoint a specific time allowable according to call volume. Most States offer early voting programs throughout the states, therefore we encourage all employees to exercise their right to vote outside of their scheduled shift in order for us to meet the needs of our customers and patients.

Additional Policies

If an associate is dismissed by Amerimed, he/she will not be entitled to payment for accumulated time off. See 1.9.2 Intolerable Violations.  For all Paid Time Off (PTO) policies, please see 1.16.1 Paid Time Off