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1.19.02 Scheduling

1.19.02 Scheduling (Revised 10/2020)


Amerimed coordinates shift and unit, assignments as necessary to provide the highest level of service to our facilities and patients. We utilize a web-based tool to maintain and publish the company and associate schedules and each associate will receive user ID and password during orientation to access them. Once the monthly assignments have been completed, associates must follow appropriate policy to make any changes. See 1.20.2 Time Off for implementing PTO.


The schedule will be published online for all associates following completion. 

It is ultimately the associate’s responsibility to view the schedule and record his/her scheduled shifts.

Amerimed reserves the right to make unit and shift assignments as necessary to provide the highest level of service to our facilities and patients.


Shift Exchange / Shift “Swap”

Two shift swaps per month will be allowed. The swaps must follow these EXACT guidelines:
• The swap(s) must occur within the same pay period
• The swap(s) must be for the same amount of hours
• The swap(s) must be involving personnel of the same certification level (EMD excluded)
• The swap request must be submitted in writing on proper form or electronically to his/her immediate supervisor no less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the shift to be swapped. It is the originally scheduled associate’s responsibility to follow-up with their supervisor to coordinate requests.
• An associate must have a signed approval form or electronic confirmation for shift swaps.
• Full-time associates wishing to utilize their paid time off benefits as opposed to swapping shifts should refer to our Paid Time Off policy for requirements. See 1.20.2 Time Off.


Part-Time (PRN) Associates

All part-time/PRN associates must submit their availability for the upcoming month by sending an email to the Supervisor, or by requesting to work a shift using the scheduling system. 

Any PT/PRN associate who fails to provide availability by the 15th will have the opportunity to schedule any open shifts on the published schedule on a “first-come, first-served” basis; seniority will not be considered. PT/PRN associates will not be allowed to schedule overtime unless approved by management.

Part-time/PRN associates must provide availability of at least twenty-four (24) hours per month. Availability can be provided by sending an email to the Supervisor, or by requesting to work a shift using the scheduling system.

If an associate is unable to maintain this requirement for one (1) month, he/she will be placed on inactive status. If an associate enters inactive status, he/she forfeits any seniority, and/or other employee benefits and will be shown to have tendered a voluntarily resignation. If/when the associate is able to return to active status, the associate’s seniority will begin from the new active date.

An associate who anticipates not fulfilling the minimum number of availability requirement due to a specific circumstance may request to be placed on inactive status without resignation. However, these requests should be submitted in writing to his/her immediate supervisor and must be approved prior to such change(s).