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3.19.02 Vehicle Supplies

3.19.02 Vehicle Supplies (Revised 10/2020)


Amerimed  stocks all EMS and first responder units with adequate supplies to provide treatment to patients. Additional supplies are maintained at Amerimed stations.


All Amerimed units should have the required quantity and type of supplies required by the applicable licensing agency. Every effort has been made to place supplies in the same general areas of each unit depending on the various configurations. Quantity and type of supplies stocked on each unit may vary from state to state. Each unit must be stocked to the requirements of each individual state.

All ambulances must utilize the sealed “Bin System” for supplies and equipment.

Each unit must be checked off at the beginning of every shift to ensure it has the appropriate level of supplies. If a unit does not have the appropriate level of supplies, the crew members should notify the Shift Commander and restock the unit before calling in service.

Sealed cabinets / bins signify appropriate levels of supplies for that particular cabinet. Field personnel should not rearrange, modify compartments, exchange, add, or remove supplies unless being used for patient treatment. Only supplies provided by or approved by Amerimed management may be used for treatment of patients. (The exception may be made for personal stethoscopes.)

Supplies should be used as needed for proper patient care. Manufacturer’s guidelines and generally accepted practices should be used in accordance with Amerimed Medical Protocols and Standing Orders.

Company-owned equipment should not be used to stock personal or other agency’s jump kits and/or vehicles.


A supply requisition should be completed to record all supplies used during the shift. Leave completed form in designated area. Shift Commanders and/or Shift Commanders will provide replacement supplies or replacement equipment.