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1.19.03 Sexual Harassment

1.19.3 Sexual Harassment  (Revised 10/2020)


Sexual harassment is against Federal Law and the policy of Amerimed.

Sexual harassment involves (a) making unwelcome sexual advancements or requests for sexual favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature as a condition of employment, or (b) making submission to or rejection of such conduct the basis for employment decisions, or (c) creating an intimidating, offensive, or hostile working environment by such conduct.


Examples of Sexual Harassment:
• Verbal: Sexual innuendo, suggestive comments, insults, threats, jokes about gender-specific traits, or sexual propositions.
• Non-verbal: Making suggestive or insulting noises, leering, whistling, or making obscene gestures.
• Physical: Touching, pinching, brushing the body, coercing sexual intercourse, or assault.

Courts have ruled that acts that are not directed at a specific person but have created a hostile work environment are harassment (having a nude calendar in your locker, telling a sexual joke that can be overheard by a third party, etc.)


Any associate who believes he/she has been the subject of sexual harassment by anyone (associates, management, vendors, citizens, etc.) should report the alleged conduct immediately to the Compliance Officer or the OCE. A confidential investigation of any complaint will begin immediately.

Retaliating or discriminating against an associate for complaining about sexual harassment is prohibited.

Amerimed recognizes that the issue of whether sexual harassment has occurred requires a factual determination based on all of the evidence received.

Amerimed also recognizes that false accusations of sexual harassment can have serious effects on innocent men and women. We trust that all associates will continue to act in a responsible and professional manner to establish a pleasant working environment free of discrimination for all associates.

Amerimed does not encourage or condone relationships of a sexual nature, consensual or otherwise, in the workplace. Amerimed is not responsible for the conduct of any individuals who violate this policy.