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1.16.05 Public or Media Interaction

1.16.5 Public or Media Interaction  (Revised 10/2020)

Any dissemination of information about Amerimed, its agents, associates, or patients via written correspondence, verbal correspondence, and/or internet is not permitted unless pre-approved by management or as described herein.

Media Contact

Any contact with media and/or press releases should be cleared through the Office of the Chief Executive (OCE)
Patient information is protected information (see 1.3.4 Confidentiality)

Any information requested by media should be directed to the OCE. If unable to make contact with the OCE, the associate should attempt to contact the Operations Manager. If unable to make contact with either, the associate should not make any comment to media, and provide the Corporate Headquarters number to the media representative.

Associate information is protected information (see 1.3.4 Confidentiality)

Public Appearances

Anyone wishing to appear before a group, organization, club, or school as a representative of Amerimed, should receive prior authorization from the Operations Manager. Public appearances in uniform may be made only after receiving permission. 

Anyone appearing in public, acting as a representative, shall be in full uniform as if they were on duty. They shall also be clean, neat, and well groomed, and compliant with uniform policy (see 1.1.1 Associate Appearance).

Political Activity

Solicitation, speeches, distribution, posting, or display of campaign literature for or against any candidate for public office, for or against any ballot measure, or employee union are prohibited on or in Amerimed property or buildings.
Associates shall not engage in political activities of any kind while on-duty unless authorized by management.

Social Media

Associates are not allowed to use the company name “Amerimed” or discuss company business on any social network, including postings on internet pages that are not “Public”. Amerimed computers, tablets, and/or cell phones should not be used to access social network sites, or any site that could produce a virus or worm that could infiltrate our networks.

1.3.8 Continuous Quality Improvement Program
Rev 10/2020

Amerimed maintains a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program with oversight by the Medical Directors and/or Senior Leadership.

All service aspects of Amerimed’s operations, including Communications, Field Operations, and Patient Accounting and Documentation have well defined guidelines and expectations in order to ensure all involved associates understand their responsibilities in these areas. 

Patient Care Reports (PCRs), Daily Unit Checklists, and other documentation may be reviewed by Shift Commander, Division Managers, Operations Managers, the Compliance Officer and/or the Amerimed Medical Director. Program operations will focus on analysis of data, creation of improvement projects, associate education specific to areas in need of improvement, monitoring of changes, and reporting of outcomes to Amerimed Management and/or Medical Direction.