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1.05.02 Employee Prerequisites

1.05.02 Employee Prerequisites  (Revised 03/2022)


Amerimed strives to hire only the most qualified and professional staff, regardless of position or title. Our reputation with our customers, vendors, partners, competitors and community hinge on who is representing us on each and every level within our organization.

Therefore, we have set forth the following standards that potential candidates must meet in order to be considered for employment with Amerimed. Note that not all candidates are required to complete all of the following steps; requirements will be tailored to position.


All Associates hired by Amerimed shall meet the following pre-requisites for employment:

  1. Candidates must be a legal resident of the United States of America as verified through E-Verify.
  2. Candidates must have a current and valid driver’s license in their state of residence.
  3. Candidates must have an acceptable driving record in accordance with insurance carrier standards. [Not a requirement for Medcomm associates]
  4. Candidates must be currently licensed or certified by the state in which they are practicing as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced EMT, EMT-Intermediate, Cardiac Technician, Paramedic, Medical Assistants, or Advanced Practice Providers for field operations and/or management (if applicable) positions. [Not a requirement for Medcomm associates]
  5. Candidates must also have a current BCLS provider card. If candidate is a Cardiac Technician or Paramedic, he/she must have a current ACLS provider card. [Not a requirement for Medcomm associates]
  6. Candidates considered for employment must successfully complete a drug screen and background check which shall be at the direction and expense of the company.
  7. Candidates must be able to successfully demonstrate competence through testing and/or observation, as well as satisfy all prerequisites for the specific area for which he/she is being considered.
  8. Candidates being considered for field operations positions must be able to successfully meet and/or demonstrate physical job requirements in accordance with Amerimed standards.


Hepatitis B Vaccination

The Hepatitis B Vaccination is recommended for all health care workers, whose jobs involve an inherent potential for contact with blood, body fluids or tissues, including the potential for spills or splashes on them. See 1.05.04 Exposure and Infection Control.

Associates who have received the vaccine should provide proof at the time of employment. Associates who do not wish to be vaccinated are required to sign a declination of the offer of vaccination at the time of employment. Associates who have not previously been vaccinated but who desire to receive the vaccine should contact the Infection Control Officer for further instructions on obtaining the vaccine series.