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1.19.05 Substance Abuse

1.19.05 Substance Abuse  (Revised 10/2020)


Amerimed will not tolerate any drug or alcohol use that imperils the health and well-being of its associates or threatens its reputation in the community. Associates have the right to work in an alcohol and drug-free environment and to work with persons free from the effects of alcohol and drugs. Patients, families and people in the community who rely on our services should also expect the same right to interact with alcohol and drug free professionals. Amerimed is therefore committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

Reservation of Right

Amerimed reserves the right to interpret, change, rescind, or depart from this policy in whole or in part without notice. Nothing in the policy alters an associate’s status. The company hopes each employment relationship will be a long and enduring one. Nevertheless, associates remain free to resign their employment at any time for any or no reason, without notice. Similarly, Amerimed retains the right to terminate any associate at any time, for any reason, without notice.


Drug Free Awareness Program
Amerimed has developed a comprehensive Drug-Free Awareness Program. The Drug-Free Awareness Program will inform associates and their families about:
1. The dangers of alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace
2. Amerimed’s Alcohol and Drug Policy
3. The availability of treatment and counseling for associates who voluntarily seek such assistance
4. The sanction we will impose for violations of this policy
5. Random drug screening program Substance Abuse as a Medical Problem


Authorized Use of Prescription Medications

Associates undergoing prescribed medical treatment with any drug that may alter his/her behavior, physical or mental ability must report this treatment to the Division Manager. 

Associates must keep all prescribed medicine in its original container, which identifies the drug, date of prescription and prescribing doctor. Associates must also periodically submit a form to the Medical Director of Amerimed or his/her designee, who lists the same information as above for all behavior/mental or physical altering medication being taken. Any and all prescription medication that is taken by an associate may be reviewed by the Medical Director or his designee and if, in his opinion, the medication may alter an associate’s behavior, physical or mental ability to the point that it may make it unsafe, or interfere with the performance of the assigned job, then the associate may not be allowed to work until the medication is completed.


Drug Screening/Testing

Amerimed requires that every newly hired associate be free of alcohol and/or illicit drug use. Each offer of employment shall be contingent upon the associate having a negative blood and/or urine screen for alcohol and drugs. Applicants with adverse pre-employment drug screenings will not be hired.

Amerimed may conduct random drug testing at its discretion, with or without cause. Testing may be performed on or off site at the expense of the company. Any associate who refuses to submit their specimen at the time it is requested will be subject to immediate termination of employment. Any associate with a non-negative test result will be subject to immediate termination. 

Full details of our drug screening, random testing and additional policies can be reviewed here: 1.4.1 Drug-Free Workplace & Testing


Substance Abuse as a Medical Problem

Amerimed recognizes this reality, although we encourage voluntary drug and alcohol abuse treatment, will take strong action against associates who do not seek treatment on their own. This strong action is designed to break through the denial barrier and convince substance abusing associates of the need for treatment.

Associates Who Seek Voluntary Help

Early recognition and treatment of alcohol or drug abuse is important for successful rehabilitation, and for reduced personal, family and social disruption. Amerimed encourages the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. We support sound treatment efforts. Whenever feasible, we will assist associates in overcoming drug or alcohol abuse. However, the decision to seek diagnosis and accept treatment for alcohol or drug abuse is primarily the individual associate’s responsibility.

To assist associates in obtaining early voluntary treatment, associates are encouraged to use counseling services. Amerimed also offers a variety of leave options for associates who need time off from work for treatment of substance abuse problems. To ensure that these benefits are available, however, associates must voluntarily seek help. These benefits may not be available to associates who do not seek help on their own. 

Support may not be available for associates who voluntarily seek assistance after coming under suspicion of violating this policy. It will be the sole discretion of the OCE as to whether or not an associate is eligible for outside counseling and/or treatment in order to maintain their employment status.

Associates with personal alcohol or drug abuse problems should request the confidential assistance of counseling services. Associates may seek help without the approval or even knowledge of their supervisor. Associates who voluntarily request assistance in dealing with an alcohol or drug abuse problem may do so without jeopardizing their continued employment with Amerimed.

Mandatory Referral

Amerimed supervisors and managers will be alert to declining job performance or erratic on-the-job behavior. When a supervisor or manager concludes that such declining job performance or erratic on-the-job behavior may be a product of an associate’s personal problems, the supervisor or manager will discuss the situation with senior management. If deemed appropriate, a urine and/or blood test for alcohol or drug abuse will be conducted. 

If an associate is referred for mandatory testing, has a negative test result for alcohol and drugs, the referring supervisor/manager will require the associate to seek a confidential assessment by counseling services.

Counseling services will not disclose to anyone at Amerimed the nature of any personal problem that the associate may have but will inform the OCE if a recommendation has been made for counseling or treatment. This associate must follow the recommendations of the counseling services, which will periodically report to the OCE whether the associate is compliant with recommended counseling or treatment as part of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). If there is increased concern for the physical or mental ability of the associate to perform essential job duties, the associate may be
required to undergo a Fitness for Duty evaluation by the medical director or by his/her recommended provider. Failure to participate in mandated referrals or to disclose progress may result in termination of employment.

An associate who was referred for mandatory testing and has a non-negative test result for alcohol and/or drugs will be in violation of our Alcohol and Drug Policy. 

Arrest or Conviction of Associates under Criminal Drug Statue 

Associates must notify the senior management within forty-eight (48) hours of any arrest or conviction of a criminal drug or alcohol statute.


Amerimed associates in violation of the following will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, dismissal:
1. Use, possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensing or sale of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on Amerimed premises or business, or any facility being used by us, in company vehicles or during working hours.
2. Unauthorized use or possession, or any manufacture, distribution, dispensing or sale of a controlled substance on Amerimed premises or business, or any facility being used by us, in company vehicles or during working hours.
3. Unauthorized use or possession, or any manufacture, distribution, dispensing or sale of alcohol on Amerimed premises or business, or any facility being used by us, in company vehicles or during working hours.
4. Storing in a locker, desk, automobile, or other repository on Amerimed premises, business or any facility being used by us any illegal drug, drug paraphernalia, any controlled substance whose use is unauthorized, or any alcohol.
5. Being under the influence of an unauthorized controlled substance, illegal drug or alcohol on Amerimed premises, business or any facility being used by us in company supplied vehicles, or during working hours: “being under the influence” of alcohol is defined as a blood alcohol content of 0.02 grams/percent; “being under the influence” of a controlled substance or illegal drug is defined as testing positive at a specified mg/ml level.
6. Use of alcohol off Amerimed premises that adversely affects the associate’s work performance, his/her own or others’ safety at work or the company’s regard or reputation in the community.
7. Possession, use, manufacture, distribution, dispensing or sale of illegal drugs off Amerimed premises that adversely affects the associate’s work performance, his own or othe’’s safety at work or the company’s regard of reputation in the community.
8. Switching or altering any urine sample submitted for testing.
9. Refusing consent to testing or to submit a saliva, urine, or blood sample for testing when requested by management.
10. Refusing to submit to an inspection when requested by management.
11. Failing to adhere to the requirements of any drug or alcohol treatment or counseling program in which the associate is enrolled.
12. Conviction under any criminal drug or alcohol statute for a violation occurring while at work. 
13. Arrest or conviction under any criminal drug or alcohol statute under circumstances which adversely affects the company’s regard or reputation in the community.
14. Failure to notify the senior management of any arrest or conviction of a criminal drug or alcohol statute within forty-eight (48) hours of the arrest or conviction.
15. Failure to report to the senior management the use of a prescribed medication which may alter the associate’s behavior, physical or mental ability.
16. Failure to keep prescribed medicine in the original container.
17. Failure to provide a list of prescribed medication to the Medical Director or his designee upon request.
18. Refusing to sign a statement agreeing to abide by Amerimed’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy.

Consequences for Violation of this Policy

Violation of the Amerimed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy may result in severe disciplinary action, including dismissal for a first offense, at Amerimed’s discretion. A member of management will explain the details of the non-negative test and outline the options available to the associate.

In addition to any disciplinary action for a positive test for alcohol or drugs, Amerimed may in its sole discretion, refer an associate to counseling services for assessment, counseling, and referral to a treatment program for alcohol or drug abuse. Associates referred to counseling services by Amerimed as a result of a non-positive test for alcohol or drugs must subject themselves to periodic unannounced testing for a period of twenty-four (24) months, and must comply with all other
conditions of the treatment and counseling program recommended by counseling services.

Associates who undergo counseling and treatment for substance abuse and continue to work must meet all established standards of conduct and job performance. 

A periodic unannounced test for alcohol or drugs during the twenty-four (24) month period following completion of the rehabilitation program may be requested. Amerimed will promptly terminate any associate who tests positive for alcohol or drugs while undergoing required counseling and treatment for alcohol or drug abuse.

Condition of Employment

Compliance with Amerimed’s substance abuse policy is a condition of employment. Failure or refusal of an associate to cooperate fully, sign any required document, submit to any inspection or test, or follow any prescribed course of substance abuse treatment will be grounds for dismissal.