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1.03.01 Company Facilities and Premises

1.03.01 Company Facilities and Premises (Revised 03/2022)


Amerimed facilities are designed and maintained to be an official place of business. All facilities will be monitored to ensure they are clean, professional, business environments.

Facilities will be well-maintained with climate control, adequate plumbing, comfortable associate lounge / common areas, and professional offices with appearance suitable for conducting business. Facilities will be clean and free of clutter, trash, or other debris. To ensure that facilities remain clean, every associate will need to do his or her part to pick up behind themselves and clean their immediate and shared areas when as needed.  No one is above helping to keep the premises presentable and professional; this includes all cleaning tasks from picking up clutter, cleaning floors, cleaning restrooms, cleaning eating and break areas and ensuring all areas are free from trash and sanitary in nature.


Use of Tobacco

Tobacco and/or electronic cigarettes are prohibited inside all Amerimed facilities. Amerimed associates may not use tobacco products on any Amerimed station property, unless that property has a designated tobacco use area. Anyone using tobacco products in the designated tobacco use areas will be required to assist in the maintenance of that area, keeping it free from debris and will empty receptacles as needed. Designated smoking areas will be marked as will other break areas.

Associates will not use tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, in any Amerimed owned vehicle or inside any Amerimed facility.

Amerimed associates may not use tobacco products on the property of any hospital or health care facility.



Drinks must always in spill-proof containers in the Customer Service / Communications Center. Alterations and modifications should not be made to any company-owned equipment or facilities. Any damage to company-owned equipment resulting from failure to comply with this policy will be subject to associate disciplinary action, up to and including, dismissal and responsibility cost of replacement and/or repair. Employees will use the issued cup while drinking at the console to prevent spills.  Associates should eat away from consoles and in break areas when the staffing allows, If associates must eat at the consoles, all food will be kept in an area such that spillage will not impact any electronics equipment.




Only areas authorized for visitors should be accessible to the general public. The following areas are authorized personnel access only:

  • Customer Service / Communications Center – authorized personnel here are any MedComm employee, the Support Services Manager, Technology Manager, NEVP, SEVP, VP and CEO; all other personnel must be approved by the MedComm Manager / Director. There will be a biometric lock on all doors leading into and exiting from the communications areas and only those listed above will be given ability to unlock these doors. All other staff may call into the comm center by phone or by utilizing TAC3 and he or she may knock and gain entry on a case by case basis.
  • Patient Accounting and Records Storage
  • Executive, Administrative, and Management Offices
  • Sleeping Quarters at any Station

The front exterior door of administrative offices should be unlocked during business hours. All other exterior doors should remain locked and secured.

Security monitoring will be utilized to ensure a secure work environment. Electronic lock mechanisms will be utilized for other restricted areas.


Visitors and Guests

Family members and friends may visit associates at Amerimed facilities, under the following guidelines:

  1. Visitors are permitted between the hours of 10:00 and 22:00 hours.
  2. Visitors are only permitted in common areas and under no circumstances are visitors permitted in any “Bunk/Bedroom” areas.
  3. Visitors of and tours of the Customer Service /Communications Center should be coordinated with the MedComm Manager. Visitors must be supervised during the visit, clearly identified and precaution should be taken to avoid release of sensitive information. Otherwise, visitors to the Customer Service / Communications Center are prohibited.
  4. Visitors must not be permitted to interfere with handling of requests or business workday, nor should they be allowed to interfere with fellow associates.
  5. Visitors must have appropriate attire and behavior and should not be a distraction.
  6. Visitors shall not be previously terminated employees or employed with a competitor service unless approved by immediate supervisor of that department.
  7. Visitation may be revoked at any time at the discretion of management.
  8. Visitors should not be soliciting or solicitors.



Associates who are scheduled to work eight (8) or more hours and who do not require the use of their vehicle (company-owned or personal) during that work period should not use spaces directly in front of Amerimed facilities to park their vehicle. Parking spaces designated for visitors should not be used by associates who are on-duty.

Ambulances should be parked in the designated areas at each facility, occupying only one space, and should be backed into that space or inside bays where applicable.

Ambulances not currently staffed should be parked in the bay (if available) in the designated area for that particular unit. If vehicles have to be parked outside, they should be secure, and plugged-in during colder months.


Associates are not allowed to bring pets of any kind into our facilities, for any length of time.