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1.19.01 Safety

1.19.01 Safety  (Revised 10/2020)

Amerimed strives to maintain a safe workplace environment for its associates and customers. We continually monitor daily activities to create or improve policies that promote safety as part of the continuous quality improvement process.


Associates are expected to:
1. Practice scene safety.
2. Use appropriate PPE on every call, and wear safety vests when on a public roadway.
3. Inspect vehicles and equipment daily to ensure they are working properly.
4. Operate vehicles with due regard for other motorist, safely, while practicing defensive driving.
5. Associates are not allowed to engage in distracting activities while operating a vehicle (eating, drinking, use of cell phone).
6. Associates shall wear seatbelts while in a moving vehicle (front and back).
7. Ensure that patients, patient’s family members, and student third-riders use seatbelts or proper restraining devices.
8. Use proper lifting techniques to protect themselves and the patient.
9. Use proper safety techniques to ensure that medications and treatments are delivered correctly and safely to all patients.
10. Associates are to contact Medical Control if there is any concern regarding the treatment of a patient.
11. Dispose of sharps and contaminated materials properly, and properly decontaminate and/or clean their vehicle as often as necessary during their shift, and at the end of each shift.
12. Refrain from any actions or comments that could be construed as threatening, harassing, or intimidating to other associates or customers.
13. Report any safety issues or concerns to management immediately.