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1.09.01 Injured &/or Sick Associate

1.09.01 Injured and or Sick Associate  (Revised 10/2020)


If an associate becomes sick or injured at a time that will affect their ability to come to work or remain at work, they must notify their supervisor/manager and the communications center as soon as possible. See 1.01.02 Attendance/Tardiness, Section D

If an associate needs to leave prior to end of his/her shift due to illness or injury, or exposure to an infectious disease or hazardous material, the immediate supervisor must be notified. Associates may be requested to stay long enough to allow for replacement if he/she is assigned to a function that he/she cannot leave immediately (i.e. standby, communications, patient transport, etc.).



If an associate is out sick for three (3) consecutive scheduled shifts, a physician’s statement may be required in order to return to work. One may also be required, at the discretion of management, at any time an associate is out sick. The physician’s statement must include the date the associate was seen, the dates he/she is/was unable to work, and the date he/she is expected to return to full duty. The presence of a physician statement does not provide authorization or approval to pay sick leave. The decision to pay sick leave is at the discretion of Amerimed Management.

Associates should not come to, or remain at work, if running a fever of 100.5° or higher. Associates should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to work, depending on the reason for the fever.

If the associate desires use of Paid Time Off (PTO) benefit and is eligible to receive benefit, he/she must contact their immediate Shift Commander or Division Manager directly no less than four (4) hours prior to their scheduled shift start time. An associate must submit a written request to use PTO prior to the end of the pay period. See 1.16.1 Paid Time Off.


Injury Not Job Related

If an associate is injured while not on duty for Amerimed, he/she must submit a work release from the treating physician stating that they are released back to work at full-duty status without restrictions. Light duty assignments are not available for this type of injury.

Full time employees with accrued sick time hours will be eligible for benefits while out of work coinciding with amount available in their PTO bank. To utilize this benefit, a written request must be submitted to their supervisor prior to the end of the pay period. See 1.16.1 Paid Time Off.


On-the-Job Injury/Accident

Any injury or accident occurring while on the job must be reported to his/her immediate supervisor promptly and all Worker’s Compensation documentation must be completed as soon as possible. If the associate declines coverage by Amerimed worker’s compensation, he/she must still complete all required documentation and sign a PCR refusal of treatment and transport.

Any associate injured or involved in an accident while on the job will be required to complete a drug screen and any other procedures required by management and/or insurance carriers.