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1.04.01 Drug Free Workplace and Testing

1.04.01 Drug-Free Workplace and Testing  (Revised 03/2022)


In order to uphold the highest of standards in associate and patient safety and care, the following policies have been put in place to insure a drug-free workplace


Amerimed requires that every newly hired associate be free of alcohol and/or illicit drug use. Each offer of employment shall be contingent upon the associate passing of a blood and/or urine test for alcohol and drugs. Applicants with adverse pre-employment drug screenings will not be hired.

All associates who drive company vehicles and/or have direct contact with our customers and patients, either in writing, phone or in person, may be required to submit to annual drug testing as well as a background and MVR check. Urine, saliva and/or blood tests may be used for detection of alcohol and/or drugs in compliance with policy.

Whenever our standard policy requires an associate to undergo a physical exam, that examination will include a urine, saliva, and/or blood test for alcohol and drugs. An associate who tests positive for alcohol or drugs during such a physical exam will be in violation of this policy.


Amerimed may conduct random drug testing at its discretion, with or without cause. Testing may be performed on or off site at the expense of the company. Any associate who refuses to submit their specimen at the time it is requested may be subject to immediate termination of employment. Any associate with a non-negative test result may be subject to immediate termination. It will be the sole discretion of the OCE as to whether or not an associate is eligible for outside counseling and/or treatment in order to maintain their employment status.



Amerimed EMS will prominently post at or near each entrance a notice reserving the right to inspect the property and person of any individual on company property. This right includes, but is not limited to the inspection of parcels, packages, purses & bags, lunch boxes, briefcases, lockers, work stations and desks.

Whenever Amerimed suspects that an associate’s work performance or on-the-job behavior may have been affected in any way by alcohol or drugs, management may search the associate, the associate’s desk, the associate’s locker, or other company property under the control of the associate, as well as the associate’s personal effects on company property, or other property being utilized by us.




Applicants and associates subject to testing must sign, prior to testing, an approved form consenting to the testing and consenting to the release of the test results. All reports will be sent to Administrative Services of Amerimed and may be subject to review by senior management.

Amerimed offers assistance to employees who suspect they have a substance abuse problem so long as help is requested prior to an incident or positive drug test. Full details of this program can be found here: 1.19.5 Substance Abuse