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1.05.03 Equipment Issuance

1.05.03 Equipment Issuance  (Revised 10/2020)


Amerimed provides certain equipment to employees in accordance to company policy so that each has what they need, when they need it in order to perform their respective duties. All issued equipment remains the property of AEMS even while in the possession of the employee. See 1.01.01 Associate Appearance, Section B.


Employees are responsible to care for and maintain all equipment in the same condition in which they receive it.

Employees are financially responsible for any equipment issued to them that gets lost, stolen or damaged.

Employees are required to notify their supervisor as soon as they realize any electronic device has malfunctioned.

Employees who resign or are terminated are required to return all equipment issued to them in the same conditioned it was given to them or the replacement value will be deducted from their last pay check. If the amount for missing or damaged pieces is higher than the amount of pay due the employee, Amerimed will request for the employee to personally reimburse the company. See 1.09.02 Intolerable Violations.


Employees will be issued uniforms and/or equipment appropriate for their particular position and job functions. All distributed supplies and equipment will be recorded on the Equipment Issuance Checklist.

Employees will be asked to sign an “Equipment Issuance Checklist” form upon receipt and will have the opportunity to address any noticeable damage and/or defects at that time.

Employees will be asked to sign an “Equipment Return Checklist” form upon return of issued pieces and will have the opportunity to explain any pieces missing or noticeable damage and/or defects at that time. Employees remaining as PRN or are eligible for rehire are required to return company owned equipment at the time their status changes as such. All equipment should be returned during normal business hours. See 1.08.02 Hiring, Placement, Orientation & Status, Section C.


Employees assigned a computer, tablet, or other electronic device(s) and/or network credentials please see Electronic Systems & Corporate Accounts