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1.03.06 Conflict Resolution

1.03.06 Conflict Resolution  (Revised 10/2020) 


Amerimed maintains a work environment that is based on fair, honest, and ethical employment and business practices. Every effort is made to provide associates direction, motivation, and minimize personal liability. We base our conflict resolution on the practices outlined in Matt 18:15-17.

In the event an associate feels he/she has been treated in a manner that is not in compliance with company, state, or federal guidelines, he/she is encouraged to follow the “chain of command” and contact his/her immediate supervisor in an attempt to voice his/her concern. If management determines that further investigation or review is appropriate, they may convene a special management task force in an effort to resolve the concern, issue, or infraction.

If immediate supervision is directly involved, an associate may deviate from standard and contact any management team member.

Associates are strongly encouraged to disclose any concerns that could violate employment, state, federal, contractual, or other laws and/or regulations that govern business, specifically emergency medical services.


If an Associate has direct knowledge of a serious violation of company policy, state or federal rules, regulations or laws, he/she is encouraged to utilize the Corporate Compliance Report Line to provide a detailed account of their encounter. Anonymous reports will not be considered valid. The reporting individual must identify themselves and provide a means of contact in order for a proper investigation to be conducted.

Any/all reports made through the Compliance Report Line will be held in the strictest of confidence and there will never be any sort of retaliation taken against the reporting associate.

Associate confidentiality is maintained throughout any corrective action, investigation, and/or subsequent process. However, an associate who believes a potential violation has occurred should report the information with full disclosure. Unfortunately, anonymous complaints can rarely be investigated as necessary without ability to confirm factual information with parties directly involved. See 1.3.5 Confidentiality, Section C

Senior leadership reserves the right to review, offer suggestions, or dictate resolution, as necessary.

Amerimed associates may offer suggestions and solutions to potential problem areas by contacting a member of management. These topics may be disclosed and/or openly discussed (if appropriate) during associate meetings or on a one-on-one basis.

Special Note: All associates are encouraged to bring any/all unresolved conflicts to the attention of the Office of Chief Executive (OCE). It is the desire of the OCE that the Company
maintains a professional yet family-oriented work environment where all associates feel welcome and appreciated. Remember: If you do not tell us, we may not know of your problem.