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1.16.04 Performance Evaluations

1.16.04 Performance Evaluations  (Revised 10/2020)


AEMS maintains a management-by-objective approach to performance appraisal. Each associate is expected to establish a basic understanding of the requirements for their position when he/she joins the company. The requirements have been designed with the business objectives of the company and the associate’s growth. It is supervisor/manager responsibility to develop and maintain a work environment in which associates can openly discuss performance and develop plans.

Associate performance reviews will be scheduled on the associate’s annual anniversary of their most recent date of hire, and they will be notified in writing at least ten days in advance of the review date. Included in the notification will be the time, place, copy of The Achievement and Performance Evaluation form for their own completion prior to the review meeting, and the discussion topics for the associate to prepare for the review. His/her assigned supervisor will complete the evaluation and retrieve their performance information from other appropriate parties.


The Achievement and Performance Evaluation

The associate, as well as the supervisor/manager, is to bring the following to the performance review meeting:
• A summary statement of the progress made toward meeting his/her employment goals;
• Examples of job-related areas demonstrating greatest strengths and identifying areas where additional training is needed;
• An outline of job-related tasks in which the associate can participate to improve performance;
• A recommendation of job responsibilities and goals to be established for the next six-month or annual evaluation period;
• A summary of overall associate performance.

The supervisor is responsible for establishing a relaxed atmosphere during the performance review and encouraging two-way communication. The discussion should be conducted in a positive manner, in complete privacy, and with no interruptions. The supervisor will verify that the associate is familiar with his/her job duties, previous goals, and the evaluation criteria and factors, and the associate should be encouraged to submit comments as well that will become part of the record 

At the conclusion of the review, the associate will be requested to sign the form as verification that he/she participated in the process, and be given a copy. Then it is then submitted for processing by the next level of management.


Merit Pay Increase

AEMS believes that pay increases should be related to an associate’s performance. Following performance reviews, the supervisor will rank the associate’s performance according to his/her relative level of contribution to the company.

Factors will include whether it is the initial meeting or the following annual review, and how well they have met the objectives agreed upon in the last review if applicable. In addition, the associate’s level of contribution to the success of the department/division relative to other associates will also be taken into consideration. 

The supervisor will rank all department/division associates in one of five groupings:
• 5 = Exceeded Expectations
• 4 = Above Expectations
• 3 = Met Expectations
• 2 = Below Expectations
• 1 = Did Not Meet Expectations

A decision relating to the associate’s merit increase in pay will be made by the supervisor after the review and ranking process has been completed. Any increase in pay will be retroactive to the date of associate’s hire date anniversary (exception: if the associate fails to turn in their self-appraisal paperwork within 2 weeks of receiving it, the merit increase will take effect on the date that the final appraisal is completed.) The supervisor will forward a increase recommendation with the appraisal to the next level of management.

Merit increases in pay are not automatic. Information about rates of pay and merit increases in pay, if any, are deemed to be confidential matters between the company and each associate and are not to be discussed among associates.

An associate who has experienced an advance in status (i.e. EMT to Paramedic, Field Operations to Supervisor, etc.) that resulted in a positive pay adjustment that occurred more than six (6) months from their last evaluation should have only a performance evaluation completed at their anniversary date. In this situation, the maximum period an associate should not be considered for pay adjustments should be eighteen (18) months.

Merit increases may be suspended due to economic conditions. Associates will be provided notice if that decision is made.


Unfavorable Evaluations

Any associate who receives a rating of marginal or unsatisfactory will be placed on provisional status with definitive performance goals for a six (6) month period. Any incident during the provisional period may result in termination of employment.