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1.08.02 Hiring, Placement & Status

1.08.02 Hiring, placement, orientation, and status  (Revised 07/20/22)


Amerimed has established protocols for hiring and placement of employees in order to meet the high level of care we provide to our patients, medical professionals and respective facilities. These protocols are not only in the company’s best interest, but also in the best interest of the applicant and current employees. Therefore, the following standards have been put in place so that everyone will have a full understanding of company expectations.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Amerimed is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against an applicant for employment and/or associate because of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, or veteran status. 

This policy applies to all employment practices and personnel actions including advertising, recruitment, testing, screening, hiring, selection of training, upgrading, transfer, demotion, layoff, dismissal, rates of pay, and other forms of compensation or overtime.



Amerimed provides employment opportunities to applicants based on demonstrated ability, experience, and training.

As positions become available within the company, prior to outside recruitment, management shall determine the availability of qualified candidates within the company. Recruitment may be conducted through schools, employment agencies, and outside advertising. All open positions will be advertised for a minimum of five (5) business days.


Orientation of new associates is to take place their first scheduled day, prior to beginning their first 3rd ride unless pre-approved by the Operations Manager. If such an exception is granted, the orientation must occur within 30 days of hiring offer accepted by associate. Amerimed maintains and conducts an associate orientation process to familiarize new associates with company policy, practice, and procedure. At minimum, the orientation includes the following

• Review of SOP
• Position Summary
• Standards
• Progress Evaluation of Orientation
• Completion Checklist of Orientation
• Emergency Vehicle Operations and Training

Position Placement

Amerimed reserves the right to modify, add, or remove shifts, positions, classifications, posts, and/or “report to” location(s) based on the needs of the company. Associates are not guaranteed any specific shift, position, classification, post, or “report to” location. 

Amerimed allows for associates and family members to work for the company as long as there is not a direct line of authority or supervision between family members (related either by blood, marriage, or any other mechanism of relationship). To be clear, no associates may work in a position that puts them in a direct oversight or subordinate role of a relative within the company. For any associates that may be in an oversight or supervisory capacity over a relative as of the date of this revision, the next higher level of supervision will be required to provide oversight in lieu of the direct report supervisor.

“Related” associates may work in different departments, divisions, or even in same level (peer) job positions; however, if the work relationship changes as a result of transfer, promotion, or other action where this policy is violated, the subordinate associate must report to the next level supervisor/manager as described.

Associates may transfer from one position or from one department to another following his/her first six (6) months of employment, or according to company needs. Request to be placed in an open position should be made to the immediate supervisor of the position desired. Transfers may only occur if an associate is in “good” standing and has acceptable performance in his/her current position.

An associate may only transfer from different departments one (1) time each year, unless approved by senior management.

Status Changes

Associates should report any change or make any status change requests to their immediate supervisor. All status changes will be reported to Amerimed Administrative Services. 

An employee’s tenure with Amerimed begins the first day of work with Amerimed. If an employee resigns his/her employment from Amerimed and is approved to return within 30 days following the last day of work, he/she will retain their most recent employment start date prior to resignation.

Exit Interviews
Associates who resign will be asked to complete an exit interview. Associates requesting to change from Full Time to Part Time will be asked to meet with a member of management so that Amerimed can gain feedback about how to improve the company. These associates will still be required to return all issued equipment as indicated in 1.5.3 Equipment Issuance, Section C