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1.05.04 Exposure & Infection Control

1.05.04 Exposure and Infection Control  (Revised 10/2020)


Communications will advise via two-way radio at time of dispatch if they are aware of patients with communicable or contagious disease. The terminology “Specialized Universal Precautions” will be used. See 2.9.1 Infectious Disease Control

Associates should promptly make verbal report to their immediate supervisor any exposure to hazardous materials or infectious disease(s), occurring while on duty. The verbal report is to be followed by a written report in accordance with company approved processes.

Associates who experience an exposure to hazardous materials/communicable disease(s) may be required to decontaminate according to company approved and industry standard decontamination protocols as outlined in the Amerimed Exposure Control Plan.

Operations specific decontamination policies and procedures can be found here: 3.4.3 Decontamination

Operations specific exposure control policies and procedures can be found here: 3.6.1 Exposure Control