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3.18.01 Radio Procedure

3.18.01 Radio Procedure (Revised 10/2022)


Amerimed dispatch via two-way radio will be the primary means of communication. Any interaction with communications should be done over the radio. Tactical radio channels are available for specific scene/detail needs. Calls to customer service/communications via landline telephone should only occur if the unit is out of radio range. Calls to Amerimed customer service/communications should only be placed on or to a company assigned landline telephone number (no personal telephone numbers). Toll-free numbers are available for calls to Communications and Administration.


Plain text shall be utilized for all two-way radio traffic.

Since there are as many code systems as there are agencies, plain text methodology will avoid confusion. Communications and Field associates are encouraged to be familiar with Georgia Department of Public Safety Code System (signal system) and APCO 10-codes due to wide-spread use in North Georgia. A copy of the GDPS Codes and 10-Codes can be obtained from Communications. However, all inter-agency radio traffic should be plain text.

Advise Amerimed communications of your status at all times (i.e. out of unit, changing locations, out for fuel, details, at destination, on scene, en route, etc.).

Amerimed Customer Service/Communications Center actively monitors “Eastern Primary, Central Primary and“TAC 2” talk groups. Additional talk groups may be assigned for unit-to-unit radio traffic (and request a radio operator to monitor) as necessary.


Radio procedure for patient reports is to be kept to a minimum and pertaining only to pertinent information. Patient reports relayed through Amerimed Customer Service/Communications should be made on AEMS “TAC 2”.

Units should simply “announce” their change in status over the radio. For example:

  • Field Unit: “4101, In Service”
  • Communications: “4101, (time)”


Each crew is to have two (2) portable two-way radios with shoulder mics for communications with Amerimed. Portable radios should be removed from the unit(s) and placed in their respective chargers following each shift.

Amerimed talk groups actively monitored by Amerimed Customer Service/Communications are recorded.