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2.21.01 Unit Initiated Incidents

2.21.1 Unit Initiated Incidents  (Revised 10/2020)


Any driver of a marked Amerimed company-owned vehicle must stop to render aid if witness to or approaching a motor vehicle accident (“MVA”, “MVC”) or other emergency situation. If the Amerimed unit is loaded with a critical patient and transporting emergency mode, the crew should not stop to render assistance BUT should report the incident/accident immediately to ensure potential patients are provided with assistance as soon as possible. Otherwise, the associate(s) should stop to render aid.

Incidents of this type should be reported immediately.

It is imperative that the Customer Service/Communications associate(s) remain calm and composed (as always) in the event of any emergency situation. .


If an associate advises via two-way radio they have “rolled up on” an accident or “waved down”, the Operator should:
1. Confirm the unit number and location.
“RADIO (Amerimed Radio ID), “CONFIRMING (at location)?”
2. Ascertain if there are any injuries to the parties, the nature of the injuries/situation, and vehicle (or patient) description(s).
3. If the Operator is advised by the unit to “STANDBY”, do not even acknowledge the unit traffic; as you may cover important radio traffic.
4. Enter all information into the CAD system immediately.
5. Telephone the appropriate jurisdiction (i.e. County 911 Center) and report the above information (# 1 and #2). Attempt to ascertain an Estimated Time of Arrival (“ETA”).
6. Advise the unit involved what agency has been advised of the situation and their ETA.