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1.20.01 Third Riders

1.20.01 Third Riders  (Revised 10/2020)


All scheduled third riders who are not associates (i.e. students, etc.) must sign a liability waiver and have written approval from a supervisor, PRIOR to riding. Students must have their own liability insurance coverage, or be covered under a school’s policy, and provide evidence of coverage. 

All scheduled third riders must attempt to dress as close to Amerimed uniform standards as possible and follow the standards outlined in clinical agreements with their host school / business. All third riders, including associates, must be logged in with Amerimed Communications.



When transporting a patient, one family member is welcome to ride in the front passenger seat.


Medical & Emergency Personnel

Nursing / Physician personnel should only be used as third riders for Specialty Critical Care Transport (Balloon Pump, NICU, or patients who have the potential to arrest during transport) after it has been determined that no AEMS supervisor or associate is available to ride (second ambulance), or if facility’s staff request/demand it. 

Fire Department personnel should only be utilized as third riders from a scene:
• When it is absolutely necessary to provide patient care due to critical illness/injury.
• Any time there is more than one patient in the patient compartment, and at least one of the patients is or has the potential to become unstable and there must be at least two care providers caring for the patients. Do not use third riders as a convenience.

Third riders are not permitted to operate company-owned vehicles See 3.22.1 Vehicle Operation.