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3.03.02 Customer Service Policy

3.03.02 Customer Service Policy  (Revised 10/2020)


Amerimed was created based on several key principles, including, but not limited to, quality high-level patient care and providing an unprecedented level of customer service. Being compassionate and respectful to our patients, their family members, other medical and public safety professionals, and our co-workers is our top priority.


Zero Tolerance

In an effort to meet this expectation and maintain a reputation for quality, Amerimed maintains a “zero tolerance” customer service policy. Which means any “non-positive” interaction with patients, customers, and/or other external or internal contacts is strictly prohibited. At no time should an employee or group of employees physically and/or verbally abuse, argue, show disrespect, harass, and/or show malicious behavior to another person while in uniform or acting in a role as representative of the Company.


Aggressive Patients/Contacts

Patients and/or other external contacts that are aggressive toward an employee should be referred to a shift commander and/or manager immediately. Employees should not engage in interaction that will result in a breach of this policy.