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3.16.01 Paperwork

3.16.01 Paperwork (Revised 10/2022)


Amerimed paperwork and documentation is essential to the “checks and balances” of everyday operations. Every form, worksheet, check list, and log is of upmost importance for billing, tracking, verifying and maintaining everything from patient transports to vehicle maintenance, and from medical supplies to office supplies. Without paperwork and documentation, it would be impossible to operate a successful business. This is why it is imperative that each associate follow the policies and procedures laid out in this manual regarding this subject.

The following is a list of all required paperwork/documentation and procedures. It is the responsibility of each crew to complete and turn in to the designated receptacle/person/office.


Transport Document Packet

  • Transport Worksheet
  • Patient Care Report
  • Facility Face Sheet
  • Certificate of Medical Necessity / Physician Certification Statement
  • EKG Strips (If applicable)
  • Additional paperwork provided by facility and/or physician

Please see 3.04.04 Documentation for policies and procedures regarding required processes for obtaining, handling, and submitting transport document packets.

Drug Box Usage Form

Amerimed paramedics must document any distribution, use, and/or waste of pharmaceuticals used during patient treatment. Any remaining portion of a controlled medication must be “wasted” with witnesses to document said waste. This must be recorded by medic and signed by RN or MD. See 3.04.05 Drug Boxes for policies and procedures regarding required processes for handling drug boxes.


Truck Check Off Sheet

Check Off sheets are to be completed at the beginning of each shift. BOTH medics should participate in order to be aware of locations and availability of equipment. Check off sheets should be completed for each physical unit occupied during shift, including temporary “swaps.”

This form shall be completed digitally and submitted using the appropriate software. Digital forms are also available to report damage or problems with the vehicle or equipment.

Daily Run Log

Daily run log must be filled out on a daily basis. Supplies used and to be restocked should be listed on the bottom of the form.