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2.16.01 Patient Reports

2.16.1 Patient Reports (Revised 10/2020)


Amerimed Customer Service/Communications should ensure that any information relayed through the center is complete and accurate. Any and all patient information is to be held confidential. All information should be recorded in the CAD system. Radio transmissions and telephone lines in the center are recorded.


Patient reports usually include the following information:
• Amerimed Unit Number
• Age of Patient
• Patient Gender
• Primary Complaint of Patient / Mechanism of Injury
• Details Regarding Complaint
• Medical History of Patient
• Vital Signs
• Requests for Orders
• Estimated Time of Arrival


• Amerimed unit should attempt to notify medical facility via two-way radio via either the HEAR system or the MED Channels, or by cell phone. Units should be within 15 miles of the facility before attempts are made, due to the nature of reliable two-way communication.
• If Amerimed unit is unable to make contact, Communications should attempt to call the facility and notify them the unit is attempting a two-way radio transmission.
• If medical facility is still unable to copy transmission or communicate clearly, Communications should:

– Copy the patient report and any requests for orders on Amerimed EMS TAC 2 or MIH TAC 2.

– Telephone the medical facility on a recorded emergency line immediately and notify with information provided by the Amerimed unit. INFORMATION MUST BE ACCURATE.


If orders are requested, the operator should:

1. Ascertain physician’s name, repeat the orders back to the Physician or Nurse to guarantee accuracy.
2. Advise Amerimed unit “RADIO (unit) ORDERS FOR (orders requested) GRANTED PER DR. (physician’s name), (current time).”
3. Log times the facility was notified and what orders were granted in the CAD system under the call comments.